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PHP Coupon Script

Easy-to-use SEO friendly coupon script which allow you to create Discounts/Promotion Coupons web site.

Earn affiliate commissions while offering discounts for your visitors!
With 9 different designs you will be able to create perfect coupon web site in any niche!

  • Add website/store with Seo title, keywords and affiliate url
  • Activate or inactivate any coupon
  • Moderate each coupon and comment
  • You can change design for your site with single click
  • Change Site Title, Keywords and Description
  • Google Analytics And google adsense code intergration
  • Control Number of listing display on home page
  • Insert Your Affiliate link as a merchant address
  • Earn Affiliate Commissions from all sales


Best Coupon Script

By Selling Coupons beside with Full page Advertisements for your Advertisers and Clients you boast the aptitude and flexibility to tender a more well-organized, cost cutting, earlier and more supple way for your clients to promote, somewhat than marketing in a local broadsheet. Your customers will be grateful for the easiness of creating and control their Full Page Coupon and Business advertisement Page right away online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

By the influence of the internet, entrepreneurs and home based business owners and hunters, expecting for a full time or part time revenue opportunities, find Our Software PHP Coupon Script a influential tool. meaningful that the internet Coupon Industry was over a 60 billion dollar business last year alone and is a increasing industry a lot of will distinguish so as to selling coupon freedom to Business owners in a standard size town can endow with a momentous recurring revenue for them.

Coupon Software

By having your own Coupon Management Software installed on your site you will have the opportunity and power to build your own business yourself or procreate your drives and take on independent contractors or employees to importune local business owners to put coupons and brushes off on your website. Amid the power of Search Engines and some website promotion of your site you be able to thrive by gifting not only Local Coupon contends and Business Ads, but in addition inflate your coupons sales to at all State or Country that you have a preference.

Of late, Our Software PHP Coupon Script is gaining rapid importance. Today, most of the e-commerce portals have ongoing discounts going at their sites, and apart from these there are sites exclusively meant for distribution of online discount coupons. Our Software PHP Coupon Script has a number of advantages over coupons available in market etc. Real savings are incurred only when you can continually use discount coupons for every day use items, and our PHP Coupon Script discount coupons offer these facilities.

Truly speaking, in today’s online competitive market, each and every business is absolutely serious about getting that extra mileage over its competitors by attracting more and more customers. Startup companies, desiring to create a substantial impact are also prone to offer exotic promotional offers. Whatever be the reason, it’s us, the customers, who are always at the gainers end. Whether you are planning to launch site for your favorite restaurant, favorite destination, or simply planning to go to the local business you can definitely offer some pretty good discount offers with our Coupon Script.



Customer Showcase

Hosting Coupon Site
"Your script is awesome! My site is looking perfect and works very successfully :)"
Brandon Blakely
Clothing Coupons Site
"Really perfect software for money makers... First visitors who search for clothing coupons came to my site on the second day after creation of the site!"
Suzanne Elderkin


It's designed to work on as many servers and setups as possible. However some hosts do not support everything we require so it is best to check with your web hosting provider to see if they support everything below.

  • PHP Version 4.3.0 or above
  • MySQL 3.23 or above
  • Either GD, GD2, or Netpbm for the image upload and resize functions.
We offer Free Installation to your server.

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